Genesis Davies

Glad to have you back! I look forward to pics. We did connect on Facebook, but I miss seeing photos of your boys growing up.


Ok, just THOUGHT I couldn't get any happier!!!!

And there we go, in sync... I was going to post my new one tonight!!! I love that we are connected at the brain!

Jessica Keith

Gen- I'm glad we've stayed connected through fb, but you're right. It just isn't the same! Now that I'll be on here, it will remind me to check out Dante and Dorian's adventures over at your place!

Meg- How is it that we are cousins and not twins? Some strange trick of fate? Though if we were this similar AND looked alike, it might be a bit too much. ;) Love ya!


fo' realz! :)
so, I guess it was ambitious to think I could get mine up on a trip...ended up having to "work" last night.. sigh.

Well, soon for me, I'm just glad your back. I missed Grantanese, pictures, crafty stuff... blogging hasn't been any fun since you left!!

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